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At Flexology™ Fitness… we don’t succeed unless you succeed. We are committed to helping you reach your fitness goals and dedicated to keep you motivated.


“I love the Nutritarian eating style Stefanie has taught me.  I feel much better about the way I look and kettlebell is now apart of my weekly workout routine.”


Kim,Wood River,IL

Tom has worked hard and he’d like to tell you about his experience. Hopefully it helps you!

Testimonial from Marc G.

Testimonial from Chris B.

“ She is a great trainer, always attentive to what is going on, and making sure that I don’t get hurt. The workouts are challenging and while intense, she keeps the workout interesting and the hour just seems to fly by.
Andrey Shay
“No workout is ever the same! I feel challenged by the staff and not in a pushy way and they hold me accountable in a fantastic way. I have reduced my stress level, increased my energy and my body is so strong now. I feel great!”
Grace H. lost 30 pounds of fat in 8 months
“I can’t begin to tell you what a huge difference Stefanie Shelton has made in my life. She is an amazing trainer – non-judgmental, encouraging, and creative. I ♡ Flexology!”
Sally, lost 40 pounds
It is not just about strength and technique (which she has plenty of), but also about mindfulness and body awareness. She has me working with more weight than I thought possible given my statue and size, and much of that is due to her helping me to pay attention to, and use muscles that I that did not even know existed, or that I could develop control over. I find that even in daily life I now pay a different kind of attention to my position and how I use my body. Plus I feel stronger. And of course the cardio from doing KB makes me feel 10 years younger. Stef knows her stuff, she is dedicated to her work and is a terrific teacher.
Dr. Michael Max
or a trainer with expertise in translating your goals into specific outcomes Stefanie is clearly and excellent choice.
Russ M.
LOST OVER 6 POUNDS AND 4.75 INCHES WITH OUR 21 DAY NUTRITION PROGAM Stefanie’s classes have a very personal feel. She ensures you are doing the exercises correctly to maximize the benefit and to prevent injury. She does not assume one size fits all. If you want a trainer who will produce results, you cannot go wrong with choosing Flexology.
Brenda Talent, 56 years young
LOST OVER 3 POUNDS AND 3 INCHES WITH OUR 21 DAY NUTRITION PROGRAM I wanted to start a fitness program because I was going skiing with my son and needed to lose 10 pounds. I have noticed a redistribution of my weight, more muscle tone and greater flexibility. I really like the personal care and extra attention to detail of the program so that I do not over do or strain myself. Flexology™ is an awesome place to train. They help you push yourself in a gentle way. Working with Stefanie makes you feel better and more alive. Flexology™ ROCKS!!
Richard Terry, 67 years young

Meet Stefanie

Having a background in Athletic Training, Physical Therapy and being a fully qualified FMS and Kettlebell expert, Stefanie is now a serving clients virtually as a Personal Trainer and nutrition coach.

Kettlebell Training

Warning… Group kettlebell training is fun and addictive, you will never go back to aerobic classes again! EARN the right to progress by taking a skills test to advance from level to level. 

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