Group kettlebell training is fun and addictive, you will never go back to aerobic classes again!

We combine kettlebells, bodyweight exercises and sweat in a fun and intense interval style. Flexology’s unique approach makes classes challenging but flexible enough for individuals of all fitness levels. All Group Classes cover the areas of Joint Mobility, Strength, Cardio Conditioning, Muscle Tone, Fat Loss and Flexibility/ Range of Motion and Injury Prevention. Additionally, we understand that a person may not be able to do certain exercises because of an injury or mobility restrictions. We will semi-customize this person’s training in the class to ensure they work around injuries, etc. and have a full experience. What you can expect in a Group Class:

  • Detailed instructions for safe lifting

  • Safety! Safety! Safety!

  • Hard Work and attention on the deeper practice of form

  • Ability to work at your own pace, fit or unfit, young or old doesn’t matter

  • Personalization in a group setting, for special needs such as injuries or personal goals

  • Kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, real flexibility training, Original Strength

  • A positive encouraging group environment, so expect kudos when you do something really good!

In our Kettlebell classes, you will EARN the right to progress by taking a skills test to advance from level to level. See the class descriptions and the prerequisites for moving up to the next levels.