Hi, I'm Stefanie!


Meet Stefanie

“My focus on quality and efficiency has guided me to learning more about functional movement and searching for the true answer to how well one needs to move in order to have a more productive and longer life.

“Our clients’ successes are a direct result of following a systematic, measurable and results-driven method. This method includes focusing on each individual’s goals and achieving results fast by using a measurable screening process and specific exercises to increase mobility, stability and overall strength. Flexology™, Strength and Fitness Club is based on multi-disciplinary education and training in Biology, Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy and Personal Training. It’s focus is YOU!”

Stefanie’s relevant certification:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Sports Medicine from William Penn College.
  • Two years at Graduate School studying Physical Therapy at St. Augustine University, FL.
  • NASM certified – which saw Stefanie work as a Personal Trainer at world-famous Gold’s Gym, before quickly becoming Director of Personal Training.
  • FMS™ certified.
  • RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) certified.
  • HKC (HardStyle Kettlebell Instructor) certified.
  • StrongFirst Level 2 certified.

So if you are looking for a Personal Trainer in St. Louis and want to try a revolutionary, scientifically proven way of conditioning your physique, contact Flexology ™ today and never look back.