Reclaim Your Health

stefanie Test · July 24, 2021

Give me 90 days of your full attention and effort and I will have taught you everything you need in order to not only lose weight, but keep it off and avoid diseases.  

The course instructions

1.   Watch the lessons and implement the information I give you.  Take notes because the videos are very informative.  I give you the success tools you need to make a complete and radical change with your health.  

The more you understand about nutritional science, the more likely you are to create a healthy relationship with food and how you eat. 

 2.  Recorded Cooking Lessons and Recipes: Pay close attention to the techniques I share with you.  HOW you eat something is just as important as WHAT you eat. 

Take notes on the recipes since there are other ways these recipes can be manipulated to give you ultimate satisfaction. There are sooo many recipes for you to start implementing into your diet, so PLEASE use them!  

My suggestion is to keep it pretty simple in the beginning and START with breakfast and lunches. We will discuss dinners in our coaching calls.

3. Our group call Zoom call will be held every week  on Zoom.  These are very important to attend.  They help everyone stay accountable to the program and you will learn a TON during these sessions. Plan to be there every week.

4. During our individual coaching calls, we work through questions and your personal struggles.  These calls make your program very individualized so that you are 100% successful.

5. I give you full access to contact me via facebook messenger page, and texting. Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions and updates on your progress and I’ll respond to you ASAP.  

6. Measurements will be done and recorded.  If we do not work together in person, you will need to take them and we will go over them on our individual calls. 

7.  Print out the success tools and put them on your fridge or take a snapshot of them for your screensaver.  

8. Start journaling.  Write down your mission. Your goal. And an inspiration statement for what you want to accomplish these next 3 months.  Then everyday, write 3 things you have done to move you toward your goal.  

9. Exercise.  It can just be walking 30 minutes a day.  But do some kind of intentional movement every day.  If you need ideas or a workout to do, use the workouts I have posted in the course.  

I’m very excited to see your transformation.  And it will be an amazing journey for you!

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