Partnership with Body Gears

Stefanie, owner of Flexology, Strength and Fitness Club, will be partnering with Body Gears Physical Therapy for the G3 2016 hosted by CrossFit St. Louis at the Chaifetz Arena.

This year is the 3rd Annual Greater Gateway Games (G3) coming August 27th and 28th and is the largest fitness event held in the St. Louis area! Athlete’s from across the nation will be competing for incredible prizes, over $10,000 in prize money, and respect from us and their fellow athletes.

We will be helping hundreds of athletes and thousands of spectators from the competition floor. Flexology will be helping these athletes with range of motion, neuromuscular activation and movement prep.

While Body Gears addresses mechanical restrictions, neuromuscular impairments, and motor control dysfunctions which can help improve efficiency for CrossFit (and life in general).

But you don’t have to do G3 to experience proper movement and strength. Everyone can benefit from our program.

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